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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Nardwuar Interview with Lil Wayne

Nardwuar is so stupidly ridiculuous but his interview style is really unique and penetrative. Considering he interviews some really big ego's he's got a big rep in the States and you can see why because he clearly is a smart guy.

You don't get much bigger ego's than Weezy in the music industry and for me it's Lil Wayne's character that appeals to me and makes him likeable (See his documentary if you get the chance) - not a huge fan of him musically although Tha Carter III was ridiculous.

It's a cool watch.

Must Cop! 2 - Converse Chuck Taylor Specialty Ox

So fresh, so clean.

I love Converse and proudly admit it. I dislike all the haters that say they are skateboarder's shoes... The fact is they have been a part of youth culture since the 50's, and when Nike bought them out a few years ago ($305 million apparently) they re-invigorated them with a new marketing style and it worked wonders. Good bit of work Nike.

On these new pair of Chuck T's I like the way the toe cap is the same colour along with the fresh white rim along the bottom it creates a really clean look. Problem is maintaining a pair of Converse which can be a laborious task but for £39 you can't really complain.

Both colours are sweet...

Must Cop! rating - 8/10


Thursday, 28 April 2011


One of THE most talented photographer's I know of, would love to meet this man.

I think he's from Serbia and started touring the world's most dangerous spots and taking snaps in B&W of drug dealers, crack dens and gangster's. His ability to capture life at it's complete low and tell a story in an artistic way is a true talent, and he mixes this with an in-depth knowledge of underground cultures to create brilliant images.

I stumbled upon him somehow a couple of years and don't know how he hasn't got any bigger famewise.

True inspiration, keep up the good work Boogie.

http://www.artcoup.com/ - check it.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Haus Lina - Linz 2004

One of my favorite pieces of modern architecture - the grand designs'esque Haus Lina located in some random Austrian woodlands. Still stunning (considering it was built 7 years ago) and a good example of successful post-modern architecture.

This is where I dream to be one day.


Must Cop! 1 - 10.Deep x Reebok... Night Sky Mid's

I'm going to begin a whole new section of my blog... Must cop!

Because i'm the average run of the mill uni student who spends his last pennies on pasta shells, it doesn't help when my preferred appetite are some fresh kicks and crisp tee's. Therefore i'm inventing a digital wishlist where - one day - I can hopefully look back on and purchase every must cop I come along!

Firstly, there are these absolute beaut's!!!

It's a collab between 10.Deep and Reebok - wow. Clear use of suede gives it a vintage timbo' look which looks to ensure durability and freshness. 10.Deep's recent releases have been a bit hit and miss but this could be the start of something good!

Must Cop! rating - 7/10

Introductory Post

Yoski wowski!!

So i guess this is my first post, on my very first blog...

I'll start by showing you guys some of the first vinyls I bought for an upcoming gig soon as part of a uni module. I'm no professional DJ but my love for music is similar to the love that applies to fat kids and cake. So i'm quite excited about owning these two bangers...

1. Duck Sauce - aNYway
2. Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You

Both are uplifting house/disco tracks which is sure to lift moods at a set - gone for a bit of a fail safe really. Along with a bit of Chromeo and Justice it should be quite a tasty mix!