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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Must Cop! 2 - Converse Chuck Taylor Specialty Ox

So fresh, so clean.

I love Converse and proudly admit it. I dislike all the haters that say they are skateboarder's shoes... The fact is they have been a part of youth culture since the 50's, and when Nike bought them out a few years ago ($305 million apparently) they re-invigorated them with a new marketing style and it worked wonders. Good bit of work Nike.

On these new pair of Chuck T's I like the way the toe cap is the same colour along with the fresh white rim along the bottom it creates a really clean look. Problem is maintaining a pair of Converse which can be a laborious task but for £39 you can't really complain.

Both colours are sweet...

Must Cop! rating - 8/10


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