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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Must Cop! 1 - 10.Deep x Reebok... Night Sky Mid's

I'm going to begin a whole new section of my blog... Must cop!

Because i'm the average run of the mill uni student who spends his last pennies on pasta shells, it doesn't help when my preferred appetite are some fresh kicks and crisp tee's. Therefore i'm inventing a digital wishlist where - one day - I can hopefully look back on and purchase every must cop I come along!

Firstly, there are these absolute beaut's!!!

It's a collab between 10.Deep and Reebok - wow. Clear use of suede gives it a vintage timbo' look which looks to ensure durability and freshness. 10.Deep's recent releases have been a bit hit and miss but this could be the start of something good!

Must Cop! rating - 7/10

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