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Friday, 24 June 2011

Big Sean - Finally Famous

For all the Big Sean followers, take a listen to the highly anticipated Finally Famous.

Easy listening hip hop, nothing serious that's why we all love Big Sean. Hopefully the fame doesn't swell his head even more and turn him into a shit rapper. Kanye - being the egotistical maniac he is - claims that the GOOD music rapper is as hip hop as it gets and see's the future with Big Sean...

On first listen an overall solid debut album, decent instrumentals with decent lyrics with decent collaborations. Nothing that's gonna make me listen to it 24/7 hopefully after a few listens my opinion changes. Can't see this being better than than Finally Famous Vol 3. But good to see Sean sticking to what he does best and that's delivering quick, witty metaphors with a good flow.

Album drops 28th June.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

BMW M3 'Frozen Black' Edition

Straight from Hypebeast...

Brand new BMW M3 limited edition... I don't think any other car looks nicer in a matte black finish. Only 20 will be made :(.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Must Cop! 4 - Crooks & Castles Eyewear 2011

Crooks & Castles have slowly started to strategically claw their way through to the top list of urban brands in America - and 2011 is set to be a big year for them. It's taken them a couple of years to step their game up and start branching out.

Back when I got my first C&C tee at the start of '10 I wasn't overly impressed with the quality of the garments or the loose fittings - IMO. However I am willing to give C&C another chance with their new summer range of eyewear due to working with the much respected Mosley Tribes and choosing Drake to be the face of their latest project which shows a real urgency to make a name for themselves. I also saw C&C in Selfridges in Birmingham recently?! Heavily over-priced (Shipping and Shelving costs) and some of their worst garments were available, but still I admired the way they are trying to expand.

I think C&C have been clever and noticed that no other urban brand has rubber-stamped an eyewear collection as of yet - or not that I know of. In all honesty they look sleek and sophisticated I would without doubt have a pair of these if it wasn't for shipping costs. Would like to see an independent C&C store in the UK.

Must Cop! rating - 7/10

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Takashi Murakami

I have always been a fan of visual art, but post-modern art is something that has been alien to me until I discovered Murakami.

His influences have no doubt come from Japanese Anime but it's his technique and the way he innovatively applies this to popular culture which makes him such a success in the art industry.

I discovered Takashi Murakami when I found out he designed the Kanye West - Graduation album cover (seen below) along with the famous design for the Kayne West bear, and from this I began to unearth a whole new concept of popular media. I like the way Murakami doesn't limit himself in terms of projects he attempts. Evidence of this can be seen when he collaborated with Louis Vuitton for a collection of prints to be designed on the usual Louis Vuitton luxury items such as bags, purses etc. (Regularly you see this print being sported by chavs who purchase fakes - although they don't know how this print was created and how stupid they look wearing them because it's quite expensive - #facepalm). Murakami was along The Times top 100 most influential people! The only visual artist in the list.

Murakami x LV print.
Here's a few of my favored Murakami pieces, his vivid use of colours and dreamy landscapes along with a character of some sort are consistently imagined by Murakami... Yay for creativity and for Kanye West who introduced me to this love of mine.

The next two are from a recent gallery in Hong Kong and shows signs of maturity in Murakami's work.

Although I confessed that the Must Cop! list is strictly for clothing this is my blog, and my Must Cop! wishlist therefore meaning I am allowed to put art in too...

Must Cop! rating - 10/10

This being exclusive artwork along with the thousand's of pounds of value means this is another Must Cop! that must be saved until I start sneezing Pound coins...