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Friday, 24 June 2011

Big Sean - Finally Famous

For all the Big Sean followers, take a listen to the highly anticipated Finally Famous.

Easy listening hip hop, nothing serious that's why we all love Big Sean. Hopefully the fame doesn't swell his head even more and turn him into a shit rapper. Kanye - being the egotistical maniac he is - claims that the GOOD music rapper is as hip hop as it gets and see's the future with Big Sean...

On first listen an overall solid debut album, decent instrumentals with decent lyrics with decent collaborations. Nothing that's gonna make me listen to it 24/7 hopefully after a few listens my opinion changes. Can't see this being better than than Finally Famous Vol 3. But good to see Sean sticking to what he does best and that's delivering quick, witty metaphors with a good flow.

Album drops 28th June.

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