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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Takashi Murakami

I have always been a fan of visual art, but post-modern art is something that has been alien to me until I discovered Murakami.

His influences have no doubt come from Japanese Anime but it's his technique and the way he innovatively applies this to popular culture which makes him such a success in the art industry.

I discovered Takashi Murakami when I found out he designed the Kanye West - Graduation album cover (seen below) along with the famous design for the Kayne West bear, and from this I began to unearth a whole new concept of popular media. I like the way Murakami doesn't limit himself in terms of projects he attempts. Evidence of this can be seen when he collaborated with Louis Vuitton for a collection of prints to be designed on the usual Louis Vuitton luxury items such as bags, purses etc. (Regularly you see this print being sported by chavs who purchase fakes - although they don't know how this print was created and how stupid they look wearing them because it's quite expensive - #facepalm). Murakami was along The Times top 100 most influential people! The only visual artist in the list.

Murakami x LV print.
Here's a few of my favored Murakami pieces, his vivid use of colours and dreamy landscapes along with a character of some sort are consistently imagined by Murakami... Yay for creativity and for Kanye West who introduced me to this love of mine.

The next two are from a recent gallery in Hong Kong and shows signs of maturity in Murakami's work.

Although I confessed that the Must Cop! list is strictly for clothing this is my blog, and my Must Cop! wishlist therefore meaning I am allowed to put art in too...

Must Cop! rating - 10/10

This being exclusive artwork along with the thousand's of pounds of value means this is another Must Cop! that must be saved until I start sneezing Pound coins...

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