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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Osama is dead.

TIME magazine cover to be released: This is seen as a major victory for the US and you can see why, the 'red X' over Osama's head is similar to an assassin's hit list - powerful cover.

So after almost 10 years of being the most wanted man in the world, Osama Bin Laden has been killed...

Is it big news? Of course it is, he is the representative of most of the Islamic extremist groups and the head of Al Qaeda, which is apparently 1 out of 20 Islamic extremist groups known to the US. So on a national scale they are debating whether to release pictures of his shot up body which was dumped within 24 hours in the sea as the US followed the burial rituals of Islam, which is quite nice considering he had no mercy for all of the innocent victims of 9/11. Personally, I would have stuck his head on a pole outside the White House.

But us real people don't have to worry about what there talking about in the news, we would have to worry about any possible reaction from the Islamic extremist minorities -  IMO this is the perfect time for these groups to plan another wide scale attack. It saddens me to see humanity not being able to co-exist peacefully...

Last laugh is with the US as they have captured hard drive's worth of data from Osama's house so we know where there all hiding in the mountains and there planning on beginning a new assault on Al Qaeda and other terrorist organisations - UNLUCKY.

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