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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

UK Riots

As the wave of riots have spread from the capital to a national scale it annoys me how no-one has even considered this to be a government problem that has been in production for decades. By no way am I in support of the past few days acts of violence but it's disheartening to see so many people bowled over by the media's perception of these riots and not realising the state of youth culture in Britain.

The people rioting are nothing more than products of their environments, people (mainly juveniles) are being used as pawns to express the anger that has been building up lower class communities for years. Government planning created sub-ghetto's in the UK post World War II to support immigration into the UK - places like Handsworth, Hackney and Croyden. Which meant lower standards of living and lesser hopes of better job prospects. Combining this with the recent economic down turn it's no wonder why these people are ruining our streets.

With the materialistic mind frame of society today is it really a surprise that these thugs are targeting retail stores for goods? and burning down shops? Young people are facing the hardest times in recent decades at the current moment and tools such as social media is spreading this message.

The truth is the same people that are burning down cars and breaking windows in shops will be the future of Britain in years to come and the government has failed to recognise the importance of youth prospects in the UK, and now they don't know how to react to this uprising and they are the victim after they created this problem.

Things need to change.

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