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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Boogie: Kingston, Jamaica

New photos from Boogie in Kingston. Some cool snaps and Boogie doing what he does best and capturing urban life - new pics from Boogie are surprisingly in colour... either way this man is a legend.

House In Bohumilec

Exterior dark wood, solar panelled roof, modern interior design. Somewhere in Czech Republic blends in with the landscape of the woods perfectly.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

SHAOLIN JAZZ - Album Cover Design Contest

Okay this is something special right here. Firstly I want to set the record straight and say I don't advertise for people/peoples on my blog unless I am thoroughly impressed by the ideology of the project - and hope no offence is taken to those I have turned down - to those, no qualms.

With this being my mindset, I was bowled over by the Shaolin Jazz project. Personally recieving an e-mail from Gerald Watson who has collaborated with DJ 2-Tone to create 'Shaolin Jazz - the 37th Chamber' mixtape. In this creative and unique musical offspring they have combined the vocals of Wu-Tang Clan and combined them with Jazz instrumentals. The outcome is fire. (DL is at the end of post).

Adding to the buzz of the project the combination of Gerald and 2-Tone have created an album cover design contest for aspiring deisgners...

The SHAOLIN JAZZ - Album Cover Design Contest is a month long competition (Wednesday July 6th - Monday August 8th), whereby participants can submit designs or "graphic remixes" of the album cover with the winner receiving footwear courtesy of VANS OTW and apparel courtesy of Staple Design.  The winner will be announced Wednesday August 10th.

  1. Designers can submit up to two (2) album cover designs only
  2. A design collective can only participate as one (1) designer - submitting only two (2) designs
  3. Size specs: 8.3 x 8.3, 72dpi
  4. Acceptable file formats: jpg, png, pdf not to exceed 2mb
  5. Deadline for submitting work - Monday August 8th
  6. Submit work to art_vs_commerce@yahoo.com
  7. To see the album cover click here
  8. Watch background video about SHAOLIN JAZZ (above)
Entries will be judged on the following criteria: originality and creativity, usage of typography, and connectivity to the theme of SHAOLIN JAZZ.

Eligibility: the competition is open to everyone worldwide

Prize: the winner will receive footwear courtesy of VANS OTW and apparel courtesy of Staple Design


iPhone SLR Mount

As new technology spurns new hobbies photography is at the front end of this growing trend. From amatuer flicks with photoshop editing to high end photogrphy. I know if I had enough money that I would swiftly purchase a Canon EOS 550D.

So wouldn't it be nice if we could transform our well loved iPhone into an SLR? Well our hopes have been answered. The iPhone camera has been the topic of much debate as an area of the iPhone that is purposely not pushed to it's full potential in order to satisfy the upgrade marketing scheme Apple have for the iPhone.

The case adapter lets you mount your Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lenses to your iPhone 4 allowing for a completely new depth of picture and increased focus, and will allow a numerous amount of lenses to be attached. Two loopholes on each end of the case allow you to tie on a camera strap so you can hang it around your neck like a real DSLR. Below are a few sample snaps of the effects of the mount.

Seriously good piece of tech!


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Shia LaBeouf/CuDi

Okay so why am I writing about Shia LaBeouf? Well, recently he has been trying his hand at directing and like his acting he is super skilled.

I remember Shia from Even Stevens which was a kids show (lol), then he began acting in films and thankfully his stardom lead him to being friends with the Rapper Cage who collaborated with Kid Cudi on MOTM2 (guessing that's how they met). Following this circle Shia has directed one music video and another short film to two Cudder songs - in which he seems to capture the ego of Kid Cudi effectively.

Other news is that he's creating a documentary for Marilyn Manson's eight upcoming album?!

"There are no lights in the room. And there are these big metal doors and he opens the door and he's in a kimono, a big pink kimono. Its sort of like a lair: No lights, so you have to use your cell phone to guide you around."

Sounds dark to say the least, but if he can successfully capture the emotion of Cud in a 4 minute video it will be fascinating to imagine how he can project MM into a visual form for us. Good to see Shia doing something different other than Megan Fox and being a Hollywood playboy - exciting talent.